A man sitting in a recliner using his remote to view photo albums on his e-Fox Telehealth TV system

Stay connected with e-Fox TeleHealth.

e-Fox TeleHealth is a TV-based technology that helps your aging loved ones thrive in place. It consists of a wi-fi enabled TV powered by Independa software, a caregiver’s dashboard you can access on your desktop computer or mobile app, and a virtual TV concierge. With e-Fox TeleHealth, seniors can switch between watching their favorite shows and engaging with friends and family all on their TV.

E-Fox TeleHealth Powered By Independa
A blue butterfly – our company logo - floats through the screen, symbolizing the new beginnings our home health care offers

At a time when so many people have to stay isolated, e-Fox TeleHealth makes it possible to “be” together and still stay safe.

Everyone benefits from our virtual telehealth system.

FAMILY + FRIENDS | Use simplified video chat, photos, and messages to stay connected effortlessly. Your loved one never has to miss out on a treasured family get-together, conversation, or precious life moment again.

HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS | Features like medicine reminders and video chat facilitate remote care monitoring. Plus, data from in-home health sensors and devices can be integrated into the caregiver dashboard, giving healthcare providers a holistic, real-time view and allowing them to set alerts when there are deviations or the reading wasn’t taken on schedule. 100% HIPPA compliant.

PHYSICAL THERAPISTS | They can use the caregiver dashboard to reach out to their clients and check on them, anytime, anywhere even conduct virtual PT appointments, thanks to its easy-to-use video chat feature.

FIDUCIARY AND LEGAL ADVISORS | Use the system’s interactive video chat as a HIPPA protected method to conduct face-to-face interviews required for certain financial and legal matters.

A blue butterfly – our company logo - floats through the screen, symbolizing the new beginnings our home health care offers

“E-Fox TeleHealth Video Chat on the TV is great. I was using FaceTime on my iPad to see the grandkids and I thought that was the greatest thing, but seeing them all on the big TV is truly incredible, it’s like they’re in the room with me. I love it!”
—Elaine Swanson, Santa Rosa, CA

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