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End-of-Life Care

When a loved one is diagnosed with limited life expectancy, they often have a strong desire to spend the final days in the comfort of their home. Most families want to accommodate this wish. However, caring for a loved one at the end-of-life can be emotionally challenging and physically exhausting. In fact, recent research indicates the stress associated with this kind of caregiving can lead to a stress-related illness for the caregiver.

Here’s where we can be a big help. All our skilled care and CNA/HHA staff have received special training in palliative care and hospice care. We can provide the comfort and assistance you need to make the most of your time together. We’ll honor your choices and support what matters most to you.

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“I worked with Fox Home Health as a doctor on the team for a lovely terminal cancer patient. It was a very unique and complicated setting Cheryl navigated with utmost professionalism, respect, and a standard of care I could only hope for my own family.”
— Dr Gary Andrew Johanson, MD

We’re here for you.

We’re ready to help you or your loved ones continue to live their best lives. Our care can begin within 48 hours of contacting us and an on-call registered nurse is available 24/7/365 days a year.